The Herd is on the Move!

We are migrating to greener pastures in Palmer Lake, CO. 

After 14 years in our store on Woodmen Road, we have made the decision to move to a new production facility in Palmer lake and increase our on-line presence. We are planning June 15th to be our last day in the old store. Stop by today, we would love to see you before we move!!

Springs Jerky Club

In order to reward our loyal Colorado Springs Customers, we have created the Springs Jerky Club.  You will now be able to have our delicious, gourmet jerky delivered right to your door step!

All you need to do is sign up for an account on our website. 

 Learn about The Springs Jerky Club

Members of the Springs Jerky Club will receive:

  • $1.00 off of the price of jerky for every bag you order online.
  • $4.00 flat rate shipping to addresses in Colorado Springs
  • The more you order the more you save
  • No special code needed, we’ll do the work for you.
    • Click here to see eligible zip codes

When you order 4 bags, you will have jerky delivered at the same cost of stopping in our store – saving you time, gas and money.  The more you order the more you save!


If you are in the area, come and say hello!

Please stop by and see us at our new home in Palmer Lake.  It is quite beautiful and we have a spectacular view of the Greenland open space and Spruce Mountain.  As bison ranchers, it feels much more like home to have a view of the wide-open space!  Come on by!

Our hours are changing to weekdays only.  Our hours aren’t finalize yet, but you can check back here for news, or give us a call and we can give you an update.

Why We Are Moving

There are two main reasons for our move.

First, rent.  Retail space is very expensive.  While our rent has not quite doubled yet, a new lease would most likely make it so.  We just can’t justify those costs.

Second, shopping habits.  We listened to you!  When we opened our retail store in 2003, Amazon was only selling books and music.  Now it is selling everything!  So why fight it?  We started to add our jerky to Amazon Prime last fall and will continue to add and sell products through Amazon.  In addition, it seems like all of the local grocery stores have started to allow online shopping for and delivery of groceries to your home so we are going to capitalize on this trend.

We are not closing, we are merely changing the model by which we sell our great bison products.  We are strengthening our website and will continue to sell our award-winning jerky and sausages online.  We will no longer have a retail meat case.  While we plan to continue to sell ground bison, we will not offer the various cuts of meat that we have now.  We will focus on our jerky and cured sausage products. 

Right now, if our constructions schedule stays on track we expect to open the new store the 1st of July, while closing our Woodmen store in the middle of June to prepare for the move.  It will be a lot of work, but we plan to have a good stock of our jerky ready to ship the entire time we are moving.

So, if you can’t help us pack boxes, you can help us by buying some jerky!  Click here to order.