Bison a Natural for Earth Day Dining

Bison a Natural for Earth Day Dining

Delicious, Sustainable Meat an Ideal choice


            Westminster, CO (April 20, 2018) – With Earth Day dinners becoming more popular each April, the National Bison Association recommends delicious, naturally-raised bison as the perfect choice for entertaining during this year’s celebration on Sunday.

            “Earth Day was established to draw our attention to the importance of respecting all of the factors that make for a healthy planet,” Said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. “What is more appropriate in our part of this plant than to enjoy the delicious meat from the animal that has been a vital part of our ecosystem through the ages?”

            More than 30 million bison once roamed across the North American landscape, shaping the grassland environment through their grazing patterns. By the late 1800’s, bison teetered on the brink of extinction before a handful of ranchers and conservationists began to restore the species. In recent years, bison herds have rebounded to more than 400,000 animals in the United States and Canada in large part because of the growth in consumer demand for bison meat.

            The National Bison Association, InterTribal Buffalo Council and conservation groups last year launched Bison 1 Million, an effort to restore one million bison to North America.

            Carter said that an Earth Day menu featuring bison meat will help support that effort.

“Farmers and ranchers are the stewards of the majority of rangelands and pastures across North America. As consumers begin to incorporate bison meat into their diets as part of a healthy lifestyle, these farmers and ranchers have more incentive to restore bison to those pastures,” Carter said.

           The National Bison Association offers many recipes featuring bison at the association’s website,