nc_chartAll of our jerky is made fresh in our shop.

We use only the best organic, 100% grass-fed bison meat combined with pure organic spices as called for by our old family recipes to create a wonderful tasty treat that will satisfy no matter how long a trail ahead.

The smoke flavor in all of our jerky is produced with a blend of real Hickory and Maple wood chips direct from the forests of Wisconsin.

USDA approved, all natural grass fed Bison.

No Hormones – No Steroids – No Antibiotics

Our jerky is made fresh and contains NO gluten, MSG, nitrates, preservatives or chemicals.

* You can expect our jerky to last for several months if refrigerated.

Where did the Jerky recipe come from?

Joseph Leidig was a rancher from Colorado in the 1800’s. During the California gold rush, he moved his family West in search of gold in them there hills. When he wasn’t panning for gold or taking care of his family, he smoked bison, hams, turkey, beef and venison. During this time, he created a secret smoking method and recipes that brought out the natural flavors of the meat.

Friends and neighbors came from all over to dine on his exquisite meats. He always sent his guests home with smoked jerky for their travels but he never shared his secret. Later, his recipe was passed on to one person from each new generation. Generation to generation it was passed on to one new person until somehow it was lost forever – so it was thought.

The story would end here but ole Joe was always planning ahead. He made a second copy of his famous smokehouse techniques and recipes, put it in a wooden box and buried it for safekeeping on the original family homestead.

Years later, Pete and Susan were tending the bison on their ranch in Colorado. Pete was repairing a fence and hit something while digging a new hole. What he found was an old wooden box – Joe’s Smokehouse Secrets.

Come visit us and taste the ole west. We smoke ’em Joe’s way!

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